Friends of Harrytown  

We are proud of our contribution to Harrytown, if you would like to get involved please come along to the next monthly meeting. You are most welcome! Please ask Mrs. Carter for more details. 
Upcoming Events 
Friends of Harrytown Christmas Market 7th of December 7.00PM - 9.00PM 
Harrytown Christmas Market 
Come join us on Thursday 7th of December for our annual Christmas Market. The event will include lots of stores, hot food, drinks, games and competitions and much more. For more information about the event please read the Christmas Market Poster, Chocolate Tombola Poster, Make off Bake off poster and the Christmas Market program for the evening 
Easy Fundraising 
By purchasing your online shopping through Easy Fundraising you will be helping us raise money and it doesn't cost you an extra penny. Please click here for more information. 
Club 300 
The 300 Club is a monthly fund raising raffle. To join please download, print and fill in the Club 300 application form and return it to Mrs Carter in the schools attendance office. Here are the latest winners: 
1st Prize 
Paul Ware 
Mrs J. Hill 
Sandra Fosbrook 
2nd Prize 
Simon Pockford 
Juile Travis 
Janine Yates 
3rd Prize 
Mrs J Cunningham 
Paula Thomas 
Kate Johnson 
4th Prize 
David Gaskell 
Shauna Quinton 
Mrs J Cunningham 
Amount for FOH Per Month 
Now the important bit... just where does all this hard earned money go? 
£2,500 went to celebrate the school Centenary, each year group had an equal amount to spend, £2,000 went on new sports kits, £2,185 went on trophies to celebrate our pupils' achievements at Stockport Town Hall, £400 went towards the Year 11 Prom. That's a total of over £7,000 over the past year.