Careers and Enterprise 

Like other secondary schools, Harrytown Catholic High School has for many years run a careers unit as part of its Personal Welfare programme. This is now to be enhanced to comply with Department for Education requirements that all schools meet the Gatsby Benchmarks with effect from 2020. These benchmarks for the delivery of careers education and support within schools were developed following national and international research. 
The school’s Careers Programme is overseen by our Careers Lead (Mr. McCreesh) and our Careers Coordinator (Mr. Barry), with support from our Enterprise Coordinator and Enterprise Advisor, kindly provided to the school from Bridge GM and Arup, respectively. 
Working closely with our School’s leadership team, our Governors and with our Enterprise team, the school has developed a careers vision and strategy that we believe will enable our pupils to reach their true potential as they prepare to enter the workplace. 
Our Vision 
We aim to support all of our students to explore the many career options available to them and equip them with the key skills, adaptability and resilience they need to embrace future opportunities, wherever they are. 
We will continue to embed the core values of our school and help them to pick the right tools to support their career decisions. Our programme will represent perspectives of pupils, teachers, parents/carers and employers in order to provide the fairest and most consistent advice possible. 
Our Careers Programme is built around our Strategic Pillars and the Gatsby Benchmarks
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