Harrytown Catholic High School

"I have come that they have life, and have it to the full". John 10:10

Times of the School Day

Our school day is organised so that we make the most effective use of the learning time available. We operate a 2-week (10 day) cycle of 50 lessons which each last 60 minutes. Each day comprises five one hour lessons plus our tutor time which is when assembly also takes place on a rota basis.

This is how school day is organised:

09:00- 09:25 Form Group Registration/ Assemblies
09:25- 10:25 Period 1
10:25- 11:25 Period 2
11:25- 11:45 Break
11:45- 12:45 Period 3
12:45- 13:35 Lunch
13:35- 14:35 Period 4
14:35- 15:30 Period 5
15:30- 15:35 Prayer Time

Pupils must arrive at school so that they are ready to learn by 08:55 and the timetabled school day concludes at 15:35 unless pupils wish to stay and participate in our extended learning activities or extra curricular programme.

A new website for our school is currently under

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Address: Harrytown, Romiley, Stockport, SK6 3BU
Tel: 0161 430 5277 Fax: 0161 430 1700
Headteacher: Mr K Turmeau