Harrytown Catholic High School

"I have come that they have life, and have it to the full". John 10:10

School Chaplain

Mrs Duffy is the lay chaplain at Harrytown Catholic High School. Some people think that a chaplain is a priest or a nun and, whilst that can be true, there are many who, like Mrs Duffy, are committed Christians who work as lay chaplains in schools.

The mission statement of Harrytown Catholic High School demands that our faith in Jesus Christ and his promise, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10), is the foundation on which our work and community life is based. Mrs Duffy, our lay chaplain, has an important part to play in promoting and developing the mission of the school in a changing and increasingly secular society and in creating a climate in which faith can grow and spiritual and moral development can take place. All of the adults in the school support the pupils in their spiritual growth, and it is Mrs Duffy’s job to support them in doing this.

The lay chaplain also has a role in offering pastoral support to members of the school community so one of Mrs Duffy’s tasks is to get to know as many students and staff as possible and to work alongside other pastoral staff in school. During break time and lunchtime, she can usually be found on the yard or in the canteen. Students can also find her in her office, opposite G5. Students and staff are welcome to contact her for a general chat or if they have something troubling them.

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